Cydr. 7 Sad贸w.

Seven Orchards
apple cider

Butelka cydru - 7 Sad贸w

7 Orchards

light, refreshing
fascinating taste with an apple note
delicate heady aroma

& sad贸w - polski cydr z polskich jab艂ek

Cider - what is it?

light, refreshing
alcoholic beverage,
received as a result of the fermentation
of the natural apple juice.

Made of Polish apples

Our Cider is being made of high quality fruits.
Juicy polish apples are the base.
A unique taste, lightly sparkling character and delicate, aromatic note, brings to mind an idyllic climate of the scented orchard.

Ciders are produced in Poland since the 19th century.

Seven Orchards during the sunbath in the garden.

Why cider?

it is seven times worthwhile savouring the 7 Sad贸w cider, at least for seven essential reasons:

1. refreshing remarkably, you can feel even seven times more fresh than, before the consumption

2. tastes delicious, you are drinking and you are in seventh heaven

3. smells like orchards full of ripening fruits, you can be 7 years old again

4. puts at ease, reportedly 7 times more than just lying on the grass

5. incites joy, particularly when you have seven-pack (6 bottles in the fridge and 1 in the hand))

6. relaxes and gives relief like a 7 hours of Pilates and meditation taken together

7. enjoys 7 days a week..

How to serve?

Best tastes chilled.
Looks fantastic with ice cubes.
Has the colour of champagne and a rich flavour.
Bubbles release along the glass
(long drink, wine or stem beer one , as you like).

An absolute novelty.

Cider in kegs.

Now you can order the 7 Sad贸w Cider also in 30 litre kegs. Keg so far associated mainly with the beer is an excellent solution for restaurants, companies from the HoReCa sector. And not only. The cider in keg you can buy also for your own, greater event in order to invite your friends with the finest beverage. Fresh, natural alcoholic apple beverage in keg. Excellent price of the Cider.

We encourage You to place your orders.
Polish Cider in kegs.

Available capacities:

7 Sad贸w - cydr 330ml

7 Orchards
330 ml - just right
7 Sad贸w - cydr 750ml

7 Orchards
750 ml - party size

An alcohol content: about 4,5%.

Where to buy?

You can buy 7 Sad贸w Cider:
- in good restaurants and pubs
- in good liquor stores
- in Alma stores



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Invite 7 Sad贸w Cider for a party

A concert sponsored by 7 Sad贸w Cider.
艁贸d藕, Manufaktura. Especially for you: Samokhin Band and Gosia Dudek.
The presence of our cider is a guarantee of the successful event.
See for yourself :)

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